Diogenes provides two core services: Emergency Shelter and Counseling. A broad array of supplemental services completes our comprehensive service approach. Our emphasis is on family reunification whenever possible.

All of Diogenes’ programs are offered free of charge and provide immediate access to a comprehensive range of direct or referral services for homeless, runaway, and at-risk teens and their families.  The target age group we serve is 12- 17, with some latitude of service down to age 10 and up to age 21.

Our services include:
     24-hour hotline and referrals
     Counseling and Workshops for individuals, groups and families
     Outreach Services
     Emergency shelter



Diogenes Snapshot
·         Founded in 1969.
·         First organization in area to provide services to runaways. 
·         501(c)3 tax Exempt; non-profit organization
·         Governed by a 15 member volunteer Board of Directors.
·         Provides 24-hour intervention and full service emergency shelter. 
·         Comprehensive services are offered free of charge. 
·         Annual operating budget: $1.3 Million.
·         Funding sources: federal and county grants, fee-for-service reimbursement, United Way and private donations.
·         30 employees (12 full-time) plus 12 contracted therapists.
·         We help homeless runaway and at-risk teens become contributing members of society; primary focus is 12-17 year olds.
·         We are a Youth and Family advocacy organization providing crisis intervention to youth and families.
·         We offer alternatives to “street” life, engaging kids in services before they have to resort to crime or become victims.
·         Our Goal is to keep kids off the street, in school and out of the juvenile justice system. 
·         Our philosophy is not to rescue youth, but to involve them and their families in learning to resolve problems and conflicts.
·         We impact the lives of 15,000 youth and families each year.
·         Emergency shelter services 175 teens annually.
·         400 individuals receive counseling services annually; over half are abuse related.
·         Hotline receives an average of 10 calls daily (over 3,000 annually).
·         Were recognized as the 2003 Non-Profit of the Year.
Runaway/Homeless Teens
·         Half are escaping home violence or sexual abuse
·         Over 90% turn to drugs and alcohol
·         33% have attempted suicide
·         75% have been in the Child Protective (CPS) Foster Care system 
·         25% have been exploited while living on the street
·         All are at-risk for gang affiliation
·         More than half are clinically depressed and/or have mental health issues
·         All are at-risk of contracting communicable disease, STDs, etc
·         47% of runaway/homeless youth indicated that conflict between them and their parent or guardian was a major problem.
·         Over 50% of youth in shelters and on the streets reported that their parents either told them to leave or knew they were leaving but did not care.
·         80% of runaway and homeless girls reported having been sexually or physically abused.
·         Runaway youth are 50% male and 50% female, although females are more likely to seek help through shelters and hotlines.
·         50% of homeless youth age 16 or older reported having dropped out of school, having been expelled, or having been suspended.
Sacramento County
·         Has an estimated 300-500 homeless teens.
·         5,000 County children are in out-of-home placements for protection of abuse and/or neglect (Probation and CPS). They report a 20% family reunification rate.